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Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopés was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico, and since July 2004 lives in Germany with her husband and two sons. She is a trilingual, multi-genre, public speaker, freelance book reviewer, interviewer, songwriter, bag designer, photographer, and Christian author by profession, a mother by choice, and a wife by the covenant of marriage. She can speak Spanish, English, and German.


From 1988 to 2000 the author participated in the following anthologies published by El Editor Interamericano (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Americanto (1988), Poetas Hispanoamericanos Contemporaneos (1989), Patria Plural (1990), América Poética (1992),and Expoesía (2000) . Published under the pen name of Thánatos Lopés.

Published Books:

Joey trifft die Zahnfee (2022 BoD/ ISBN: 978-375746669)

El Espejo de mi Alma (2015 BoD/ISBN: 9783738695656

1st Edition: 2011 WinePress. ISBN 9781414114392 (OUT OF PRINT)

The Window to my Soul, My Walk with Jesus (2004- Tate Publishing/ISBN 0975393359.)  Published under the pen name of Mary Magdalene.  OUT OF PRINT


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