September Featured Guest: SARS-CORONAVIRUS2 (SARS-CoV-2)



A note from the author:  

When the Pandemia began, a series of inspirational and motivational videos were traveling the net. Several of those videos had a pivotal effect on my creativity which sparked two chats and an official interview with SARS-CoV2. To write the interview questions, I researched several reliable and credible sources like the World Health Organization (WHO) and other virologist sites to ensure the facts in the answers were correct.  I listed those reference sources at the end of the interview.

During the interview, SARS-CoV-2 shares with my readers the peculiarities about his origin, his name, infection transmissions, and the way it had helped us to regain our lost humanity.

Even though this interview was already published in June, 2020, simultaneously with another of my featured guest, I decided to give SARS-CoV2 a last month in the spotlight before archiving it. 

Although a work of fiction, creative liberties give the final touch to it.  Food for thought for those who dare.

Enjoy the journey!


Welcome to Time with Tannia, SARS-CoV-2. For our interview I chose a quiet, isolated place in the forest as not to be disturbed. I ask you to please keep your answers informative but simple, so any person without a scientific background can enjoy getting to know you close and personal. Thanks.

1.) TEOL: To clarify some misunderstandings about you, how would you describe yourself?

SARS-CoV-2: Finally, somebody is giving me the opportunity to define myself. Our journey together during this interview begins with a brief scientific explanation. Then I would appreciate if we talked about myself as a viral being. I enjoy the latter as it makes other viruses jealous of my virality ranking.

From the scientific perspective, I am the large Corona viruses family newest and most prominent member. We are known for causing respiratory infections, both in animals and humans. We are versatile and flexible about our contribution to science. It might sounds arrogant to you, but that’s how it is. We keep your scientists busy searching for all types of cures. For instance, we are responsible for the common cold and some more severe diseases like MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.)

My official virus name is SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome corona virus 2). The disease name, which is how you humans classified your immune system reaction to my presence, and my celebrity acronym is COVID-19 (previously known as 2019 novel corona virus.) It is exasperating to hear how so many alleged experts are totally clueless about the difference.

2.) TEOL: Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enlighten us about the misapplication of your names.

SARS-CoV-2: Let us search the Epidemiology Archives to untangle the confusion. I will rephrase the explanation from the World Health Organization (WHO). We viruses are named based on our genetic structure, so virologists and the wider scientific community can easily develop diagnostic tests, vaccines and medicines. We are named by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV).

The diseases we cause, however, are named to facilitate discussion on disease prevention, spread, transmissibility, severity and treatment. Once the process is completed, we are officially named by the WHO in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

3.) TEOL: I would like you to elaborate and share with our readers the peculiar story of your family name: Corona virus.

SARS-CoV-2: Excellent question! It is an interesting story. Our atypical family name is based on our appearance. By means of an electron microscope, our viral spike peplomers, (proteins S, E, M, and N), give our virions a royal crown-like appearance, hence the Latin name “Corona.” In 1968 a group of virologist published an article and referred to us as the “corona viruses family.” Since then we have created our own reputation based on our travels and the hosts we visited.

4.) TEOL: There are some conspiracy theories about your origin. Some said you originated from a lab in Wuhan, China, while others said you are the result of our Dr. Frankenstein behavior. Which one is correct?

SARS-CoV-2: Conspiracy theories are just that, theories waiting to be debunked. To sort them out, one has to verify the sources and their credibility. If at the end of the journey you find yourself empty handed, then you were either a lousy researcher or the claims were not sustainable without reasonable doubts. Nonetheless, the journey itself will provide food for thought and perhaps the acknowledgment of being ill-prepared for a close encounter with the creator. I will not deprive your readers of such adventure. Let them research and find their Eureka!

5.) TEOL: Now let us talk about your worldwide traveling adventures. You began in Wuhan, China and by now have reached international celebrity status. What is your traveling secret?

SARS-CoV-2: The advantages of globalization are priceless! It is simple, effective, and well-organized. First, I find a host who helps me to travel around unnoticed. I am all inclusive and totally nondiscriminatory when choosing the host. Honestly, I am opportunistic and territorial. I travel either by touch or drizzle.

Since the droplets that carry me are too heavy for long distance airborne traveling, I either need to create “Designated Pick-Up Areas” or glide with the flow. When droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose fall on a surface, it becomes a “SARS-CoV-2 Designated Pick-Up Area.” Once having been picked-up, I enter the body when the face or the nose are being touched and/or the eyes are being rubbed prior to hand washing. Good hygiene habits are essential to prevent unwanted visitors. (wink). Gliding is possible when a subdued person coughs, sneezes or speaks.

However, my preferred method is the “Drizzle Expressway.” By means of this method, I enter my host quicker when procedures or support treatments that generate aerosols are performed.

I am flexible and totally relaxed about the transportation method. Once I have a host, I first go to the throat and nose where I find the perfect and cozy work place. Afterward, I use my useful crown-like spike virions to begin the “conquista” and reproduction process. Once the subduing process is completed, I will then secure myself an strategic distribution center at the alveoli. Once the route has been chosen, I commute via the blood express to other organs. That host is then what you refer to as an infected person. Infected is such a harsh word. I, however, prefer the term “Subdued.”

6.) TEOL: How long does it take until you reach your final destination?

SARS-CoV-2: My globe troting has barely begun. Based on my traveling schedule, it will take about a year. It depends on the comfort of the accommodations. Since not all hosts are welcoming, I have to move on to others who allow me to travel without much hassle.

7.) TEOL: Describe the perfect host

SARS-Co V-2: The perfect host is the one who allows me to travel without interfering. My favorites are: Children and Super-spreaders Both of them are excellent facilitators but for different reasons. Children are perfect hosts and facilitators because their immune system mirrors them: curious, playful, and not fully developed. When I enter their body, they don’t perceive me like a threat but as a play buddy; hence, no emergency action is required. Some children are more susceptible to my visit than other, and although not intended, my presence could be lethal. They are excellent facilitators because they give hugs and kisses which allow me to move on quicker to the next host. Super-spreaders are subdued but show no symptoms which allows me to travel faster unnoticed. Many of them are crowd magnets which is the perfect setting for me to cover a wider territory in less time. (wink)

8.) TEOL: How do you perceive the different mutations of you discovered by scientists?

SARS-Co V-2: Hm, Mutants… First a disclaimer, we are absolutely NON-related with any of your popular fiction mutants books and movies series. We are in a league of our own. Mutants are the family rebels, odd balls, risk takers, visionaries, entrepreneurs that like to go beyond the status quo. Nonetheless, they are vital for the survival of the family. Some of them are successful but others not. The mutations occur during the replication of our RNA letters: A, C, G and U. Depending on the source of the mutation, this will cause some perceivable or silent changes. They make us more flexible and stronger. However, the “Status Quo” are our weaklings which researchers target when creating antiviral drugs. “Mutants” challenge you and take you into unknown creative solutions while “Status Quo” give you hope.

9.) TEOL: Now we will talk about your favorite topic – your “viral being” How does that differ from your scientific existence?

SARS-Co V-2: Thanks for allowing me to describe my true self! You all refer to me as a virus but in reality I am an anthropologist. I am traveling the world, gathering data to bring it to “The Collective” where we will evaluate and measure your progress. It is fascinating to observe the approaches each society has taken to deal with this and past pandemics. In comparison to my friends mortality rates (SARS -10%, MERS-35%, and Ebola +50%), I am harmless, barely 4.5%.

10.) TEOL: What is the “The Collective?”

SARS-Co V-2: “The Collective” is a place where a diversity of viruses and bacteria live. Some collectives are kept in allegedly highly secured laboratories, but even there some security flaws could occur, causing some unforeseen incidents and consequences which lead to a sudden, unplanned traveling experience for some of us. Others live in a harmless co-existence with all sort of creatures.

We are not that much difference from humans. However, from our perspective, you, as a collective, are unique, destructive, and dangerous beings. You could learn something from us; Live and Let Live!

11.) TEOL: How would you like to be remembered?

SARS-Co V-2: Interesting question. I prefer to be remembered as the viral being which gave you back your long forgotten “humanity” and enabled global unity by seeking solutions for a common cause: your survival!

12.) TEOL: A word of advice?

SARS-Co V-2: Imitate me! Accept the life cycle: birth, growth, degeneration, and the fearsome, inevitable death. Be wise and don’t fear mortality, as it is crucial for the survival of the whole. Be flexible and adjust to changes. My adaptability to different hosts and excellent time management allow me to play tag while enticing your scientists. Learn from me to co-exist in harmony with others while respecting the balance of living and non-living ecosystems. Remain focused to be as successful as I am!

I, SARS-Co V-2, even though being misjudged and depicted as a villain am your virus who taught you three valuable lessons. First, life is short and fragile. Second, the importance of family and friends for your well being. Third, love heals all wounds and makes you stronger.

During my travels, I am gifting you time to analyze and refocus your priorities. Integrity, kindness and humanity will lead you to find inner and global peace!

Enjoy the journey and thanks for the interview. Gotta run, my next host just arrived!






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