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“El Espejo de mi Alma”- Merchandise

A unique collection of items inspired by the illustrations, meditations, and book cover of my Spanish book of devotions, El Espejo de mi Alma, is available at  Just follow the link below to browse through the items and buy the perfect gift for those special people in your life.  (ISBN-13: 9783738695656). 




“Joey Meets the Tooth Fairy” – Merchandise

A collection of unique gift ideas for children, inspired by the illustrations of my first picture book, “Joey Meets the Tooth Fairy” (“Joey trifft die Zahnfee”)

About the Books:

Genre: Non-Fiction, Meditations, Devotions, Psalms, Spirituality, Christianity. (Género: Meditaciones, Devociones, Salmos, Espiritualidad, Cristianidad)

“El Espejo de Mi Alma“ es una colección extraordinaria y única de oraciones poéticas y meditaciones vivenciales del alma escritas en un tono íntimo, personal y confesional.  El lector se podrá identificar con las situaciones cotidianas y las escrituras que sirven de vínculo para el entendimiento y la aceptación de la voluntad de Dios en nuestras vidas.”
Género: Meditaciones, Devociones, Salmos, Espiritualidad y Cristianidad para mujeres.
Mercancía disponible en
2015 el libro fue presentado en la distinguida Feria del Libro en Frankfurt.
2016 su cubierta fue nominada en la competencia, “The Beauty and the Book Award.”

Where to buy the book:

Europe: To buy it directly from the publisher, click here

Worldwide: The book is available at online stores. You could also order it at your local bookstore.

For a short list of some online stores, click here

Genre: Children’s Picture book, Fantasy

JoeyTrifftdieZanhnee Cover Time with Tannia

Where to buy “Joey trifft die Zahnfee”

Europe: To buy it directly from the publisher, click here

Worldwide: The book is available at online stores. You could also order it at your local bookstore.

For a short list of some online stores, click here

General Information about the book: Joey trifft die Zahnfee (Ein einzigartiges Kinder-Bilderbuch mit Thema Inklusion)


About Me: 

I am a hobby photographer and see the world with curious eyes. Since I was an adolescent, I enjoyed taking pictures of myself (to deal with boredom and growing pains). In addition to places visited with family, friends, or school day trips. Through the years, my passion for photography grew to a more semi-professional level. I attended several photography workshops, started hanging out with photographers on social media, and subscribed to several photography newsletters. I discovered stock photography after reading an article in one of those newsletters. Furthermore, I decided to try it, and it has been a never-ending, challenging adventure. One of my best decision as a hobby stock photographer was to become a contributor to  However, I also enjoy creating gift items with my non-stock images. To allow my creativity to take off without limitations, I opened a store at Enjoy your journey through my photography world while finding that ideal image or product suitable for your project or gift.
A carved bust of the Taino chieftain Mabodamaca located in Isabela, Puerto Rico.

Photography-related gift ideas:

A collection of bags, journals, mugs, notebooks, postcards, cards, puzzles, and t-shirts. 

My Stock Photography Portfolio at

Follow the link to browse through my portfolio, where you will find a variety of images to enhance your projects: Xanten Roman Festival, writings on the wall, flora, fauna, and Puerto Rico, just to mention a few.

A sample image: San Christobal Fortress (Fuerte San Cristóbal) – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

For those of you who are not familiarized with the term Stock Photography, a brief definition from Wikipedia. Stock photography is the supply of photographs which are often licensed for specific uses.[1](


Saxophone Instrumental Music

Disclaimer: I receive no monetary gratification from the purchases of the stores listed below. I only refer those whom I know and trust.

RacielSax is a multi-talented musician, teacher, composer, arranger, and producer from Puerto Rico.



Este Soy Yo - is the debut CD from Puerto Rican Saxophonist RacielSax


  “Este Soy Yo” – Original Compositions, 1st CD



"Sin Prisa Pero Sin Pausa" is the second CD of original instrumental music of the Puerto Rican saxophonist, Raciel Reyes Lopes aka "RacielSax"

“Sin Prisa Pero sin Pausa” – Original Compositions, 2nd CD



About Author

Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopes is a Puerto-Rican, trilingual, multi-genre, Christian author. Furthermore, she is a stock photographer, public speaker, freelance book reviewer, songwriter, bag designer, and hobby historian. Languages: Spanish, English, and German. Author's website: