July Featured Guest: Joey (USA/Germany)



1. Welcome to Time with Tannia, Joey! I heard you are very excited about the publication of your first picture book, “Joey Meets the Tooth Fairy.” Before we talk about your book, tell us about yourself.

Hello everyone! My name is Joey. I am an adventurous and curious eight-year-old. I enjoy riding my bike, doing sports, reading, and our family travels. I also keep a journal about my unusual adventures. I am also very persistent; at least, that is what my mom says.

2. Journaling is very important for authors. When is your favorite time to write?

Hmm, it depends. When we are traveling, during my quiet time. I look at my pictures to help me remember the events of the day, and then I write them in my journal. When curious things happen at home. For example, one day my brother J and I found a small turtle in our yard after some heavy rain. Our mom allowed us to keep it only for a couple of days. That was exciting. We filled a big bucket with water, fed it fresh lettuce, and provided a piece of wood for the turtle to take some sun. All our friends came to see our turtle. That was a big sensation! Then we took it to a pond near the house and released it there.

3. Quiet times are also important. Good to know you have one, too. When do you have your quiet times?

It depends on the day. During the school days, my quiet time is after I come back from school. It helps me to relax and be alert. Then I can do my homework. After homework comes my favorite time: playing with my friends! When we are traveling, after we come back from an outing activity. During our family trips, I am always looking around, taking pictures, and going on small adventures. When we return, I need my quiet time to write it down before I forget it.

4. Now, let us talk about your book, “Joey Meets the Tooth Fairy.”

It all began with a bedtime story my dad told me while he was tucking me into bed. My dad is a great storyteller! The next morning, I would not stop talking about my visit to the Tooth Fairy’s castle. It was awesome. My mom suggested writing it down in my traveling journal. Later on, we reviewed it to be sure I didn’t forget anything. I smiled at mom and said, “Are you kidding me? Who can forget that?” (wink and smile)

5. How did you find the publisher and the illustrator?

My mom helped me. She searched the internet and found one in Australia, and they also had an illustrator. We were happy with them, but it wasn’t possible to publish the book with them. My mom found BoD in Germany and a new illustrator in the USA. We are very happy with Daryn Rowley. She improved some illustrations and the book cover, too.

6. Who chose the title?

It was difficult to think of a unique title. My mom and I chose “Joey Meets the Tooth Fairy,” because it was short and easy to remember. You also have to be clever to make your book appealing to buyers. Wow, that is a big word! Appealing means interesting.

7. There are many Tooth Fairy books on the market. What makes yours unique?

A very good question. I am proud to say that there are three reasons why kids and parents should buy my book.

First, my Tooth Fairy is handicapped and moves around with her “amapraconvelous flying wheelchair.” “Amapraconvelous” stands for amazing, practical, convenient, and marvelous. (wink)

Second, she has beautiful dark skin and black hair like my mom. Her hair has some colorful highlights.

Third, I am an eight-year-old late teether. I kept it a secret until last week when some of my friends were talking about the Tooth Fairy and the gifts she left them.

8. Will the book be published in other languages than English?

Yes, it will also be published in German and Spanish.

9. Which one of the books will publish first?

The German book. Its title is “Joey trifft die Zahnfee.” 

10. When can our readers buy your book?

In Summer 2022.

11. Where can our readers buy your book?

In all online stores. Order it at your favorite local bookstore. Or directly from the publisher, Books on Demand (BoD)

12. Do you want to say something to other young authors like you?

Yes, journaling is important to remember your adventures. Ask your parents to help you write a good story. Don’t be discouraged. Like my mom says: “Remain focused and don’t give up your dreams.”

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