Blog 2 – The amazing Tooth Fairy, and her unusual frog, Vitric.

Mom, mom look! My fans came back to read my second blog! Mom is happy for me because I am building my fan base. Now I feel like a big star. (wink)

Welcome back!

In my first blog, I told you about myself and my amazing visit to the Tooth Fairy Castle. This month, I will tell you about the Tooth Fairy and her playful frog, Vitric.

The beautiful dark skin, physical disabled Tooth Fairy, moving around with her “amapraconvelous flying wheelchair.”  "Amapraconvelous” stands for amazing, practical, convenient, and marvelous. (Joey trifft die Zahnfee- ISBN-13: 9783755746669)

What is a Tooth Fairy?

I will share with you what my Dad told me about her. This story has been passed on from one generation to the next. Hmm, I wonder if one of my great-grandparents met her.

“The Tooth Fairy is a kind, supernatural creature with a human form and magical powers!”

Where does the Tooth Fairy live?

“She lives in a big, bright tooth castle way up above the clouds. You can see it at night. It’s the smallest shining star up there in the big dark sky.”

How does the Tooth Fairy look like?

My Tooth Fairy has beautiful dark skin and black hair like Mom. Her legs don’t work well, so she built an exclusive “amapraconvelous flying wheelchair.” “Amapraconvelous” stands for amazing, practical, convenient, and marvelous. She gave me a tour of her castle. I had to run to catch up with her!

The World Dotted Map is located in the second floor of the Tooth Fairy Castle. This is how she knows the address and the name of the child who lost a tooth. In sparking, humming bubbles Fountain is also located in this room. Her frog Vitric, lives in the fountain and creates the bubbles.
The Tooth Fairy, Joey, and Vitric, the playful frog at the World Dotted Map Room.

What is Vitric?

Now I will tell you about her playful, transparent frog, Vitric. It lives in the sparkling bubble fountain in the Dotted Map Room.

Vitric has a very important job. It creates a humming, sparking bubble, whenever a kid loses a tooth. The bubble then flies up to the World Dotted Map and lands on their address.

What is the World Dotted Map?

The World Dotted Map is located on the second floor. It is covered with tiny silver antennas. They look just like your grandma’s hair. There is an antenna for each child in the world. The antenna grows when it picks up the right bubble’s humming.

Ahhh, there is so much to tell you, but so little time.

Next Blog

In my next blog, I will tell you about the different rooms of the Tooth Fairy’s Castle.

Remember to brush your teeth and keep them clean for the Tooth Fairy.

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  1. It’s a cute story. If I were a kid, I would follow it and can hardly wait for the next blog.

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